Sperm Donation

Sperm donor children want answers, says Australian doco

Xavier Symons | 22 August 2015 | Comments
tags: consent, identity, sperm donation
A new Australian documentary gives voice to donor-conceived Australians now seeking fathers.

Repeat clients prefer same sperm donors

Michael Cook | 20 June 2015 | Comments
tags: sperm donation
Couples are far from indifferent about genetic links.

A donor or a father?

Xavier Symons | 16 May 2015 | Comments
tags: law, new frontiers, paternity, sperm donation, US
A Virginia 'sperm donor' has been granted custody of his genetic child after deciding he wanted to be a father.

Donor dad not the genius he said he was

Michael Cook | 25 April 2015 | Comments
tags: sperm donation
A lesbian couple was misled about the superior qualifications of their sperm donor.

The growing sperm bank industry

Xavier Symons | 28 March 2015 | Comments
tags: government regulation, identity, sperm donation
The international sperm bank industry is growing at a remarkable rate, analysts report.

No longer anonymous in Germany

Michael Cook | 31 January 2015 | Comments
tags: Germany, sperm donation
The German Supreme Court has ruled that children of any age may request the identity of their biological father.

No love, no marriage, just the baby carriage

Michael Cook | 14 December 2014 | Comments
tags: co-parenting, IVF, sperm donation
You’ve heard of hook-up sites for people who just want sex, but not marriage and kids. But sites for people who just want kids, but not marriage and sex?

Fatherhood: superannuated or evergreen?

Michael Cook | 15 November 2014 | Comments
tags: fatherhood, IVF, sperm donation
Has sperm donation made the status of fathers obsolete? Several items popped up in the media this week which give different answers.

UK opens national sperm bank

Michael Cook | 02 November 2014 | Comments
tags: sperm donation, UK
The UK has given a new twist to the one of the oldest arguments for trade protectionism, coddling an infant industry, by launching a national sperm bank.

US doctors update gamete donation guidelines

Michael Cook | 28 September 2014 | Comments
tags: egg donation, gamete donation, sperm donation
IVF doctors have updated guidelines for gamete donation in the light of a growing recognition that offspring have a right to their genetic heritage.

“We have a right to know our parents”

Xavier Symons | 05 September 2014 | Comments
tags: identity, sperm donation
There are calls for a change in birth certificate regulations after a woman conceived by sperm donation had her adopted father erased as parent.

Not your everyday, dull-as-dishwater paternity case

Michael Cook | 04 May 2014 | Comments
tags: misattributed paternity, sperm donation
An investigation at the University of Utah is testing the presumption that IVF clinics are delivering babies who are the biological children of their clients.

Why are we condemning sperm donor anonymity, asks bioethicist

Michael Cook | 29 March 2014 | Comments
tags: donor anonymity, donor conception, sperm donation
A policy of non-anonymity may even be socially harmful.

An early progenitor of IVF?

Michael Cook | 03 August 2013 | Comments
tags: assisted reproduction, Helena Wright, IVF, sperm donation
“The strange tale of how 500 women were helped to conceive after the first world war”.

Why is sperm donation so funny? Or is it?

Michael Cook | 13 July 2013 | Comments
tags: Hollywood, sperm donation
At Thanksgiving comes the latest instalment, Delivery Man.

14-year-old girl forced to become pregnant with donor sperm

Michael Cook | 02 May 2013 | Comments
tags: adoption, artificial reproduction, sperm donation, sterilization
An unnamed woman in the UK has been jailed for five years after artificially inseminating her 14-year-old adopted daughter in order to get another child.

Parents needn’t tell donor children their origins’ says leading British think-tank

Xavier Symons | 20 April 2013 | Comments
tags: anonymous sperm donation, rights of the child, sperm donation
Should parents be required to tell donor children of their origins? An influential British think-tank says No.

Danish sperm donor privacy controversy

Xavier Symons | 06 April 2013 | Comments
tags: Denmark, donor anonymity, genetic diseases, sperm donation
The government health agency in Denmark is reconsidering its policy on the anonymity of sperm donors after failing to prevent the transmission of disease through sperm banks.

Israeli sperm donor wants his stuff back

Michael Cook | 03 March 2013 | Comments
tags: Israel, sperm donation
A fascinating case is unfolding in Israel pitting a anonymous sperm donor against a woman who demands his sperm.

Does a sperm donor have the duties of a father?

Michael Cook | 03 March 2013 | Comments
tags: sperm donation
The debate over parental duties of sperm donors has flared up again - this time in response to an American man being sued for medical expenses of the child of his donated sperm.

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