Non-human rights battle continues

Xavier Symons | 25 April 2015 | Comments
tags: animal rights, human exceptionalism, law, personhood, US
A New York State judge has ordered Stony Brook University to justify its detention of two chimpanzees.

Are chimpanzees persons?

Xavier Symons | 20 December 2014 | Comments
tags: animal rights, law, personhood
The argument about non-human personhood has surfaced once again – this time in a New York State Supreme Court.

What does it mean to be a human person?

Xavier Symons | 29 November 2014 | Comments
tags: consciousness, human rights, personhood
Bioethics writer Virginia Hughes explores the complexities of trying to define personhood.

US mid-term elections boost hopes of GOP, but not of pro-lifers

Michael Cook | 09 November 2014 | Comments
tags: abortion, personhood, USA
Less dramatic and less reported was the effect of the election on the controversial issue of abortion.

Battling to make animals persons

Xavier Symons | 27 April 2014 | Comments
tags: animal rights, personhood
Attorney Steven Wise defends his quest to gain legal standing and justice for animals in the US.

A small breach in the personhood barrier

Xavier Symons | 21 December 2013 | Comments
tags: animal rights, personhood
Earlier this month an American animal rights group made a push to gain legal recognition for the personhood of non-animals.

Neuroscience gets passionate about emotional animals

Xavier Symons | 26 October 2013 | Comments
tags: animal emotions, animals, personhood
Do animals feel emotions?

Yale to host conference on non-human personhood

Michael Cook | 13 April 2013 | Comments
tags: animal rights, enhancement, personhood
A conference to be held at Yale University in December brings together animal rights activists and fans of human enhancement who are interested in the rights of robots and aliens.

Dawkins on the humanity of the foetus

Michael Cook | 21 March 2013 | Comments
tags: abortion, personhood
Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins created quite a stir on the internet with one of his tweets (9000+ and going strong).

Colorado hospital apologises over personhood dispute

Michael Cook | 09 February 2013 | Comments
tags: Catholic Church, Colorado, personhood
Coloradans on both sides of the abortion debate were surprised that lawyers for a Catholic hospital were arguing that a fetus has no rights in a malpractice case.

Human exceptionalism is for the birds

Michael Cook | 07 September 2012 | Comments
tags: animal rights, personhood
Here’s something we missed about the uniqueness of human beings. In July the Francis Crick Memorial Conference, at Cambridge University, decided that we aren’t as exceptional as we once believed.

Finger-lickin’ good is not a good enough reason

Michael Cook | 16 June 2012 | Comments
tags: animal rights, personhood
More chicken are killed by humans than any other land animal. This is morally wrong, argues an Australian bioethicist

Ethicists give thumbs-up to infanticide

Michael Cook | 25 February 2012 | Comments
tags: abortion, after-birth abortion, personhood, utilitarianism
If abortion, why not infanticide? This leading question is often treated as a canard by supporters of abortion. However, it is seriously argued by two Italian utilitarians and published online in the prestigious Journal of Medical Ethics this week.

Personhood amendment in Mississippi fails

Jared Yee | 12 November 2011 | Comments
tags: abortion, personhood
Voters in Mississippi have decided that a fertilised egg should not be granted the legal rights and privileges of a child or adult human.

Mississippi debates personhood in abortion battle

Michael Cook | 29 October 2011 | Comments
tags: abortion, personhood
A ballot initiative in Mississippi could raise the stakes in the acrimonious American abortion debate. Proposition 26 affirms that personhood begins at conception. It seeks to add the following sentence to the state constitution: “The term ‘person’ or ‘persons’ shall include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the functional equivalent thereof”

Mississippi voters can decide on personhood of the unborn: ruling

Jared Yee | 16 September 2011 | Comments
tags: abortion, law, personhood, US
Voters in Mississippi will have the chance to decide on the personhood of the unborn in November.

Approach Frankenstein experiments gingerly, says UK report

Michael Cook | 23 July 2011 | Comments
tags: animal rights, personhood, transhumanism
Mixing human and animal material should be approached with great caution, says the UK Academy of Medical Sciences in a report issued yesterday. But it recommends that some highly controversial experiments should be allowed to proceed, including modifying an animal’s brain to make it more human-like and the generation or propagation of functional human germ cells in animals.

Transhumanist sets goalposts for the future

Michael Cook | 23 July 2011 | Comments
tags: autonomy, eugenics, personhood, transhumanism
American political science commentator Francis Fukuyama once called transhumanism the world’s most dangerous idea. Whether this is true depends on your aspirations for society. But a brief article in Discover by a staffer with the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, a transhumanist thinktank, Kyle Munkittrick, at least shows that society will be very different if transhumanism gets traction.

US pets get better shot at treatment than people

Jared Yee | 07 August 2010 | Comments
tags: animal rights, personhood
Stem cells for dogs?

Embryos not human, rules Korean high court

Michael Cook | 04 June 2010 | Comments
tags: IVF, Korea, personhood, stem cell research
Upholds mandatory disposal after 5 years

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