UK doctor suspended for three months over abortion

The case for expanding physician-assisted death to psychiatric cases

23andMe to resume supplying health data

Sperm donor child ordered to develop relationship with father

Doctors must withdraw life support from twins – UK judge

No right to patent a gene, Australian court rules

A black baby is not a wrongful birth, says court

Legal test for new surrogacy law in Thailand

French senators reject ‘deep sleep’ bill

What should we do with frozen embryos?

Dutch man cleared after helping mother commit suicide

A donor or a father?

South African judge defends assisted suicide ruling

Nita Farahany: Neuroscience and the law

South African court authorises assisted suicide

Non-human rights battle continues

Are chimpanzees persons?

Pistorius verdict - disability is not a defence

Celebrity custody wrangle exposes vague IVF law

The ethics of memory alteration

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