Informed Consent

Concerns over proposed changes to consent in US research

Delusional but autonomous

A fine way to give blood

Why not non-voluntary euthanasia for psychiatric patients?

Antipsychotic drugs given to children with disabilities

Should sex offenders be chemically castrated?

Trust in the system

Parents sue over intersex surgery

Court tussle over right to euthanase Dutch woman with dementia

Interview: Daniel P. Sulmasy on informed consent

Leading bioethicists back euthanasia for mentally ill

Informed consent dilemma: Jehovah witness and child die

Victims of Guatemala syphilis experiments to sue Johns Hopkins

UK woman wins right to refuse life-saving amputation

British mum in bid to give birth to child of dead daughter

Connecticut teen forced onto chemotherapy

Super surgeon who uses stem cells accused of unethical conduct

A cool, rational analysis of egg freezing

Bioethicists defend ‘manipulative’ Facebook study

‘Informed consent has become a fetish’ – American bioethicist

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