Dutch will probably legalise assisted dying for people tired of living

Echoes of California in Australian euthanasia campaign

Cotard’s Syndrome and bioethics

DC debates euthanasia

Euthanasia in Australia, 20 years on

Leading bioethics editors attack conscientious objection

First child euthanised in Belgium

Trans-Tasman debate over euthanasia continues

Acts, omissions, and euthanasia for organ donation

Euthanasia tourism on the rise in Belgium

Baby boomers will clamour for euthanasia, says Udo Schuklenk

Save the date: November 2 is World Right to Die Day

Documentary chronicles history of Dutch euthanasia law

Gold medallist paralympian from Belgium seeks euthanasia

New euthanasia lobby group launched in Australia

Is unbearable pain still a reason for euthanasia?

Let’s increase organ transplant rates by encouraging euthanasia patients to donate, say doctors

Will Belgium grant euthanasia for unwanted sexual attraction?

Dutch euthanasia guidelines now in English

Should happy demented people be euthanized?

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