The underground Dutch system for do-it-yourself euthanasia

Belgian prisoners denied euthanasia

Filling out euthanasia death certificates in Quebec

Dutch doctors puzzled by religious immigrants’ attitude toward euthanasia

Euthanasia debate flares up in Australia

How should the media cover euthanasia?

The case for expanding physician-assisted death to psychiatric cases

French doctor convicted of euthanasia death

Belgian euthanasia doctor faces criminal charges

Mill, liberty and euthanasia

Not enough doctors to staff Belgium’s euthanasia commission

Spanish girl at centre of futile care controversy dies

Why not non-voluntary euthanasia for psychiatric patients?

Euthanasia on the rise in Netherlands

Fears of suicide contagion after victory in California

Mexican politician suggests lethal injections for the homeless

Dutch doctor in hot water for refusing to approve euthanasia

“Unbearable suffering” questioned in documentary on Belgian euthanasia

Dutch right-to-die group promotes euthanasia in schools

The atheist case against euthanasia

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