Indigenous Canadians fear impending euthanasia law

Why should we respect conscientious objectors?

Former Australian PM Bob Hawke backs euthanasia

Everybody’s a winner when euthanasia combines with organ donation, say doctors

That euthanasia stuff… does anyone remember what we decided?

The Netherlands is normalising euthanasia, says Dutch ethicist

Euthanasia activist posthumously confesses to killing eight people

More bracket creep in Belgian euthanasia

Canadian ethicists prepare for the worst

Nurse ignites debate over euthanasia in Portugal

Canada takes another step towards its euthanasia law

Dutch psychiatric patients may get euthanasia too easily, says US study

A Dutch report applies the brakes on ‘completed life’ euthanasia

Celebrating 15 years of Dutch euthanasia

Canada’s ‘euthanasia courts’

Another euthanasia scandal in Belgium

Euthanasia continues to rise in Belgium

New French law creates right to terminal sedation

JAMA debates assisted suicide

First euthanasia case in Quebec

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Indigenous Canadians fear impending euthanasia law
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