Enhancing the chemistry of love

Michael Cook | 20 September 2014 | Comments
tags: enhancement, Julian Savulescu, love, love drug
If love needs drugs, is it still love?

Bioethics anniversaries: Doctor Who

Michael Cook | 23 November 2013 | Comments
tags: Doctor Who, enhancement, transhumanism
In a week in which the US mourns the 50th anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy, Dr Who fans are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the cult TV series. The timing is not particularly sensitive, but tonight the BBC presents a special episode, “The Day of the Doctor.”

What if we had a pill for the madness of love?

Michael Cook | 16 November 2013 | Comments
tags: enhancement, love drug
Should we take pills to rid ourselves of helpless passions?

Savulescu warns that “love-diminishing” drugs could be used for gay “conversion therapy”

Xavier Symons | 13 October 2013 | Comments
tags: enhancement, gay conversion therapy, Julian Savulescu, love drug
Drugs could be used to reverse homosexual inclinations.

Death’s too good for these crims, says Oxford bioethicist.

Xavier Symons | 11 August 2013 | Comments
tags: enhancement, longevity
Some sentences could be worse than death.

Head transplants just a few million dollars away, neuroscientist claims

Xavier Symons | 06 July 2013 | Comments
tags: enhancement, transplant surgery
A British neuroscientist has spoken enthusiastically about the possibility of performing a head transplant for patients with debilitating illnesses.

Yale to host conference on non-human personhood

Michael Cook | 13 April 2013 | Comments
tags: animal rights, enhancement, personhood
A conference to be held at Yale University in December brings together animal rights activists and fans of human enhancement who are interested in the rights of robots and aliens.

Make the world a better place. Take nice drugs.

Michael Cook | 02 February 2013 | Comments
tags: enhancement, free will, moral enhancement
Is moral bioenhancement the answer to the dark clouds gathering over the future of humanity?

Will Armstrong’s confession change cycling?

Michael Cook | 19 January 2013 | Comments
tags: drugs in sport, enhancement, Julian Savulescu, sports
The canary is dead. Now, what about the coal mine? After Lance Armstrong’s confession to Oprah Winfrey in a 90-minute television that he won all of his seven Tour de France titles with the help of performance-enhancing drugs, will cycling become drug-free?

What happens if soldiers get a “psychological vaccination”?

Michael Cook | 07 December 2012 | Comments
tags: enhancement, warfare
What happens if soldiers are taught to ignore compassion?

Savulescu and Harris debate enhancing morality

Michael Cook | 07 December 2012 | Comments
tags: enhancement, Julian Savulescu, utilitarianism
Two utilitarians slug it out over enhancing morality.

Another Hollywood bioethics lesson

Michael Cook | 15 November 2012 | Comments
tags: enhancement, films, genetic engineering
The bioethics angle in Cloud Atlas.

Are drugs or democracy our bulwark against the apocalypse?

Michael Cook | 21 October 2012 | Comments
tags: democracy, enhancement, Julian Savulescu
A new book by Ingmar Persson and Julian Savulescu, Unfit for the Future, fills in the case for biomedical moral enhancement which they have been making in journal articles recently

Paralympic cheats: is pain a drug?

Michael Cook | 01 September 2012 | Comments
tags: drugs in sport, enhancement, sports
In a practice called boosting, paralympic athletes subject their body to extreme pain to raise their blood pressure and heart beat.

Russian billionaire offers immortality by 2045

Michael Cook | 04 August 2012 | Comments
tags: enhancement, evolution, immortality
The dream of achieving biological immortality may have taken a big step forward. A 31-year-old Russian billionaire, Dmitry Itskov, claims that his research team will be able to transplant a human brain into an artificial body by 2020, And by 2045 he is sure that he will be able to create hologram avatars with the same capabilities as the humans in the James Cameron film.

Bourne gets enhanced!

Michael Cook | 02 August 2012 | Comments
tags: enhancement, films, military ethics
Hollywood takes a definitive look at genetic enhancement in the latest instalment in the Bourne series, The Bourne Legacy – to be released next week.

Should Olympic athletes be allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs?

Michael Cook | 28 July 2012 | Comments
tags: drug doping, enhancement, Olympics, sports
The London Olympics have arrived and with them come familiar controversies over drug cheats. IOC President Jacques Rogge said yesterday that tests had identified more than 100 cheats in the lead-up to the Games. Years of tough restrictions appear to be bearing fruit, with fewer scandals every time the Olympics are held.

Are cognitive neuroenhancing drugs ethical? German ethicists say No

Michael Cook | 26 May 2012 | Comments
tags: cognitive enhancers, enhancement
The near frontier of human enhancement is coffee on steroids: the drugs of the future that will make you smarter, sharper and quicker. This is misguided and risks being unethical, argue four German ethicists in the latest issue of the Journal of Medical Ethics.

“Love is the drug”, from the Best Of Julian Savulescu

Michael Cook | 26 May 2012 | Comments
tags: enhancement
Two Oxford bioethicists have proposed a novel solution to the scourge of 50% divorce rates – use love drugs to keep the flame of love alive. Writing in New Scientist, Julian Savulescu, of the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics and Anders Sandberg, of the Future of Humanity Institute, argue that evolution made humans unfit for lifelong marriage.

Yet another Modest Proposal: save the world from climate change by genetically engineering your kids

Michael Cook | 17 March 2012 | Comments
tags: climate change, enhancement, utilitarianism
Modest proposals, in sense given the phrase by the great 18th century satirist Jonathan Swift, are flavour of the month in the bioethics community.

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