Greer ruffles feathers over IVF and abortion

Xavier Symons | 30 May 2015 | Comments
tags: abortion, commercialization, commodification of babies, Germain Greer, IVF
In a recent speech, feminist Germain Greer stridently attacked the IVF industry.

Stem cell clinics are the ‘Wild West’ of medicine, say critics

Michael Cook | 23 May 2015 | Comments
tags: commercialization, stem cell business, stem cells
Regulators in the United States and Australia are examining the burgeoning field of stem cell therapies.

Should we pay commercial providers to assist suicides?

Michael Cook | 28 November 2014 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, commercialization
Assisted suicide is an idea which keeps evolving.

Carmel Shalev: the global trade in reproduction

Carmel Shalev | 20 September 2014 | Comments
tags: commercialization, interviews, surrogacy
An Israeli bioethicist is organising a conference on the rapidly growing market in surrogate mothers and babies.

Let’s chill: New York’s egg freezing party

Michael Cook | 05 September 2014 | Comments
tags: biological clock, commercialization, egg freezing, IVF
Commercialisation of IVF is crossing new frontiers in New York with “egg freezing parties” for career women who want to keep their options open.

The big business of Australian IVF

Michael Cook | 25 June 2014 | Comments
tags: Australia, commercialization, IVF
A second Australian IVF company wil float on the stock exchange today.

Couples fall victim to surrogate fraud

Michael Cook | 16 May 2014 | Comments
tags: commercialization, fraud, surrogacy
Increasingly surrogacy services offer rich pickings for con artists.

COMMENT: Is egg freezing a scam?

Miriam Zoll | 01 March 2014 | Comments
tags: commercialization, egg freezing, IVF
Do consumers know what they are signing up for?

Evidence-based medicine comes under attack

Michael Cook | 08 February 2014 | Comments
tags: commercialization, evidence-based medicine
UK critics claim that it is not transparent and tainted by commercial interests.

Wet nursing is a cow of a job, say bioethicists

Michael Cook | 17 August 2013 | Comments
tags: commercialization, surrogacy, wet nursing
Now that gay marriage has become legal in France, there may be commercial opportunities for commercial wet nurses.

Big business cashing in on reproductive services boom

Xavier Symons | 25 May 2013 | Comments
tags: commercialization, IVF
The cliché “bundles of joy” has two meanings in the assisted reproduction industry: babies and cash. Keen businessmen are scrambling to take advantage of this burgeoning area of the health sector.

Why not buy and sell embryos, ask scholars in NEJM

Michael Cook | 20 April 2013 | Comments
tags: commercialization, commodification of babies, I. Glenn Cohen, IVF
Why can’t embryos be bought and sold like any other commodity? Making this unsettling proposal is less surprising than where it was made – in the America’s leading medical journal, the New England Journal of Medicine.

Surrogate refuses $10,000 to abort child

Xavier Symons | 07 March 2013 | Comments
tags: commercialization, surrogacy
A Connecticut couple offered their surrogate mother US$10,000 to abort their baby because it had major defects.

One thing is the theory. Another is real life.

Michael Cook | 01 December 2012 | Comments
tags: bioethics, commercialization, insider trading
Former bioethics student involved in insider trading scandal

Ethics debate over “cheap” embryos

Jared Yee | 23 November 2012 | Comments
tags: assisted reproduction, commercialization, IVF
Dr Ernest Zeringue, a California-based fertility specialist, has found a way to overcome the most common obstacle between prospective IVF parents and their offspring -- the high price.

Surrogacy, now big business in southern California

Michael Cook | 20 October 2012 | Comments
tags: commercialization, surrogacy
Conceptual Options is a surrogacy agency in “the surrogacy friendly state of California”. This is a promotional video it is using for gay couples.

“A major evolutionary leap for women”: celebrity sperm donation in UK

Michael Cook | 20 October 2012 | Comments
tags: commercialization, sperm donation, UK
Yesterday a British entrepreneur launched a celebrity sperm donor service.

Danish donor passes on severe defect

Michael Cook | 26 September 2012 | Comments
tags: commercialization, Denmark, sperm donation
So much for careful monitoring of sperm donation from Danish “Vikings”. A man, known only as “donor 7042” fathered dozens of children at Copenhagen's Nordisk Cryobank clinic and passed on to some of them a severe genetic disorder.

“I found my embryos on Craigslist”

Michael Cook | 12 May 2012 | Comments
tags: commercialization, IVF
Two couples, in Chicago and Florida, found their embryos through a Craigslist discussion group from an Iowa couple who had 18 spare embryos. Deb and Kevin McCrea gave 9 to each couple for free, saving them thousands of dollars in IVF treatment.

Is there a limit to the wisdom of the market?

Michael Cook | 28 April 2012 | Comments
tags: bioethics, commercialization, markets
Why can you sell sperm but not your vote? These conundrums are investigated by Michael Sandel, of Harvard University, in his latest book, What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets. It is sure to become a reference point in future bioethics debates.

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