Clinical Trials

Approved anti-depressant deemed unsafe

Drug giant appoints bioethicist to head compassionate use panel

Unreported clinical trial data “unethical”

Should medicine leave the gold standard of randomized trials?

Drug tests in East Germany get “conceded pass”

“Medicinal marijuana is bad medicine” - CMA president

Divergent approaches to treating Ebola

Have some American homeless become lab rats?

Compassionate use: Putting drug regulations to the test

Nasal growth found on woman’s back after stem-cell treatment

Do prisoners have a right to participate in clinical trials?

Were Irish orphans of the 30s used in clinical trials?

Unpublished trial results are “ethical failure”

FIGHTING EXPLOITATION 2: Indian clinical trial consents to be videotaped

Another unethical study – this time in NY’s Bowery

GlaxoSmithKlein slammed for unethical drug trials in China

Does the development of IVF have a murky past?

First drug to help Down syndrome people now being tested

Doctors failed to disclose risks in study of baby blindness, says US agency

The true “immorality” of test-tube babies

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