Bioethics on US campaign trail

Michael Cook | 29 August 2015 | Comments
tags: abortion, Down syndrome, US
Abortion and Down syndrome are on the agenda for presidential hopefuls.

What should we do with frozen embryos?

Xavier Symons | 20 June 2015 | Comments
tags: frozen embryos, IVF, law, regulation, US
US policy analysts are questioning how authorities should deal with the hundreds of thousands that have been abandoned or have a disputed legal status.

A donor or a father?

Xavier Symons | 16 May 2015 | Comments
tags: law, new frontiers, paternity, sperm donation, US
A Virginia 'sperm donor' has been granted custody of his genetic child after deciding he wanted to be a father.

Companies fight for market space inside your head

Xavier Symons | 09 May 2015 | Comments
tags: brain scans, neuroethics, neuroscience, neurotechnology, US
There has been a dramatic rise in the number of brain-technology patents in the US.

Nita Farahany: Neuroscience and the law

Xavier Symons | 02 May 2015 | Comments
tags: determinism, interviews, law, neurolaw, neuroscience, US
Renown academic and presidential advisor Nita Farahany recently spoke with BioEdge about neuroscience and the law.

Death penalty losing support in US

Xavier Symons | 02 May 2015 | Comments
tags: death penalty, lethal drugs, lethal injection, US
The Pew Research Centre has released revealing new statistics on opinions about the death penalty in the US.

Non-human rights battle continues

Xavier Symons | 25 April 2015 | Comments
tags: animal rights, human exceptionalism, law, personhood, US
A New York State judge has ordered Stony Brook University to justify its detention of two chimpanzees.

Most American doctors oppose physician-assisted suicide, according to NEJM poll

Xavier Symons | 14 September 2013 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, NEJM, US
An on-line poll of readers of the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that the majority of American doctors are against physician-assisted suicide (PAS)

Single dad and surrogate mother: a growing combination in US

Michael Cook | 31 August 2013 | Comments
tags: surrogacy, US
With legal surrogate mothers in short supply, gay and single men in the US are paying as much as US$175,000 for the privilege of raising their own child.

Outcry in America over prohibitive cost of birth

Xavier Symons | 06 July 2013 | Comments
tags: childbirth, healthcare, US
The cost of giving birth in the US is the highest of any industrialized nation

Prescribe morning-after pills to young teenagers, say US pediatric group

Jared Yee | 30 November 2012 | Comments
tags: contraception, contraceptive pill, US
On Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) called on pediatricians in the US to provide advice to all adolescent patients about emergency contraception, and to prescribe it to girls under 17 in advance.

American suicide networks for the elderly exposed in US TV doco

Michael Cook | 15 November 2012 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Compassion & Choices, Final Exit Network, US
The “surprisingly coordinated underground world of assisted suicide”

Paying the bills with surrogacy fees

Michael Cook | 05 November 2012 | Comments
tags: surrogacy, US
The dark side of American surrogacy.

“The Waiting Room”

Michael Cook | 26 September 2012 | Comments
tags: films, public health, US
The Waiting Room is a wrenching documentary made in 2010 about the crowded emergency room of Highland Hospital in Oakland, California. Unlike other depictions of the American healthcare system, this is detached and dispassionate. But what emerges is the impression that at least some parts of it are in crisis. Filmed over five months, it creates a composite picture of a single day in the hospital. This seems well worth watching!

US egg donation industry often ignores ethical standards, report claims

Michael Cook | 11 August 2012 | Comments
tags: egg donation, IVF, US
Many on-line human egg brokers do not adhere to ethical guidelines drawn up by the peak IVF body in the US, a survey published in the journal Fertility & Sterility has found.

CIA vaccine tactic may have hindered war on polio

Jared Yee | 14 July 2012 | Comments
tags: Osama bin Laden, US, vaccination
Did the assassination of Osama bin Laden have an unintended victim: the global campaign to eliminate polio?

A community’s take on genetic tests

Jared Yee | 13 July 2012 | Comments
tags: genetic diseases, genetic screening, genetic testing, Judaism, US
Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn are wrestling with the question of genetic testing -- and what should and should not be revealed to people who use it.

US appeals court makes it legal to pay donors for their bone marrow tissue

Jared Yee | 07 July 2012 | Comments
tags: organ donation, organ market, US
A US appeals court has put the price of bone marrow at about US$3,000 in a ruling that now makes it legal to purchase bone marrow.

Man donates kidney, gets no insurance

Jared Yee | 16 June 2012 | Comments
tags: organ donation, organ transplants, US
Radburn Royer, of Minnesota, donated his kidney to his daughter Erika after her lupus caused kidney failure. Now 31, Erika is fine, but her physically active 53-year-old father has been unable to obtain private health insurance.

New Jersey surrogacy bill could allow paid surrogate “carriers”

Jared Yee | 09 June 2012 | Comments
tags: law, surrogacy, US
The landmark Baby M case -- a messy affair in which a surrogate refused to give away her parental rights to the child she carried -- swung an international spotlight on surrogate mothers' rights in New Jersey.

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