Landmark UK decision broadens scope of surrogacy

Experimentation continues on chimera embryos

UK judge sceptical of circumcision for boys

Should students learn about declining fertility?

The company they keep

Are minors capable of informed consent?

The unsettled status of conscientious objection in the UK

David Bowie and palliative care

Preparing for medicine with artificial gametes

Green light for UK CRISPR embryo research

London sperm bank allegedly promoting eugenics

UK on verge of editing genome of human embryos

UK think tank to investigate cosmetic procedure industry

British man has fathered 800 children

Should British surrogates be paid?

Donor conception: 10 years without anonymity

Delusional but autonomous

UK doctor suspended for three months over abortion

Sperm donor child ordered to develop relationship with father

Doctors must withdraw life support from twins – UK judge

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Landmark UK decision broadens scope of surrogacy
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