No anonymity means less sperm in UK

Xavier Symons | 05 September 2015 | Comments
tags: donor anonymity, sperm banks, sperm donation, UK
The UK's new National Sperm Bank has been struggling to find volunteers.

New book chronicles history of British bioethics

Michael Cook | 29 August 2015 | Comments
tags: bioethics, book reviews, UK
First in-depth study of how bioethicists shaped policy

New resource about euthanasia

Xavier Symons | 22 August 2015 | Comments
tags: assisted dying, assisted suicide, euthanasia, public opinion, UK
The Anscombe Centre has released a comprehensive ‘evidence guide’ on euthanasia.

At last, someone with a plan for the silver tsunami

Michael Cook | 01 August 2015 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, euthanasia vans, UK
Outspoken media personality Katie Hopkins wants euthanasia vans for Britons.

Death of a salesman reignites assisted dying debate in UK

Xavier Symons | 30 May 2015 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Dignitas, euthanasia, fear, UK
Yet another UK national has travelled to Switzerland to receive assisted suicide.

Fear of death driving push for euthanasia, says medical ethicist

Xavier Symons | 23 May 2015 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, existential suffering, hospitals, public policy, UK
The fear of a miserable death in a hospital bed rather than at home is driving public support for mercy-killing law in the UK.

Filipino nurse jailed for double murder

Xavier Symons | 23 May 2015 | Comments
tags: murder, nurses, regulation, UK
A Filipino nurse in the UK has been found guilty of deliberately contaminating the intravenous fluids of patients.

British woman seeks to bear dead daughter’s child

Michael Cook | 09 May 2015 | Comments
tags: HFEA, IVF, new frontiers, UK
Frozen eggs to be fertilised with donor sperm.

Organ trafficking in UK on the rise

Xavier Symons | 14 March 2015 | Comments
tags: organ trafficking, UK
A number of cases of organ trafficking have been reported in the UK.

UK woman wins right to refuse life-saving amputation

Michael Cook | 14 March 2015 | Comments
tags: informed consent, UK
No treatment without consent, says judge.

Terry Pratchett, novelist, Alzheimer’s campaigner and star euthanasia promoter, dies

Michael Cook | 14 March 2015 | Comments
tags: Alzheimer's disease, assisted suicide, euthanasia, UK
But not from assisted suicide.

UK surgeons call for regulation of cosmetic “cowboys”

Michael Cook | 07 February 2015 | Comments
tags: cosmetic surgery, UK
The Royal College of Surgeons is sick and tired of horror stories and unqualified doctors.

3-parent IVF approved by British Parliament

Michael Cook | 07 February 2015 | Comments
tags: IVF, three-parent embryos, UK
Bill passes by a vote of 382 to 128. How did scientists win the PR battle?

FGM convictions: Egypt 1, England 0

Michael Cook | 31 January 2015 | Comments
tags: Egypt, England, female genital mutilation, UK
15 cases a day, and not one single doctor has been convicted in England.

UK may offer free weight-loss surgery to fight epidemic

Michael Cook | 06 December 2014 | Comments
tags: bariatric surgery, obesity, UK
A quarter of Britons are obese, fuelling a rise in cases of type 2 diabetes, as well as heart disease, fatty liver disease and cancer.

UK gay couple acquires 3 kids from 3 surrogates simultaneously

Michael Cook | 22 November 2014 | Comments
tags: surrogacy, UK
"When we announced we're actually having three babies of our own our families were stunned but overjoyed"

UK opens national sperm bank

Michael Cook | 02 November 2014 | Comments
tags: sperm donation, UK
The UK has given a new twist to the one of the oldest arguments for trade protectionism, coddling an infant industry, by launching a national sperm bank.

British right-to-die campaigner starves herself to death

Michael Cook | 25 October 2014 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, UK
She was afraid that the other alternative, a drug overdose, would not work and she wanted to die at home, not in Switzerland, where assisted suicide is legal.

British MP blasts “three-parent embryos”

Michael Cook | 06 September 2014 | Comments
tags: mitochondrial replacement, three-parent embryos, UK
In a terse summary of objections to the practice of mitochondrial transfer to prevent serious diseases Sir Edward Leigh, a Conservative MP, told the House of Common this week.

Jimmy Savile meets bioethics

Xavier Symons | 30 August 2014 | Comments
tags: moral bioenhancement, professional misconduct, UK
As details continue to emerge of Jimmy Savile’s horrific crimes, a bioethicist is questioning the complicity of healthcare workers in allowing for the abuses.

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