Swiss court refuses to recognise surrogacy

Swiss to vote on embryo regulation in June

Swiss assisted suicide group notches up 27% rise in deaths

Swiss bioethicist backs organ donor euthanasia

Swiss canton forces nursing homes to host assisted suicides

Stunning video reveals mystical strain in Swiss assisted suicide

Swiss suicide tourism doubles in four years

Assisted suicide for the old but healthy

Swiss doctor acquitted after assisted suicide

Analysis of legal assisted suicide in Switzerland

Looks that killed

Switzerland: a suicide magnet

Switzerland’s “peculiar institution”

Switzerland told to clarify vague assisted suicide laws

Swiss healthcare worker posts images of corpse on Facebook

Significant stress after witnessing assisted suicide

Swiss parliament rejects more regulation of assisted suicide

Prosecute police, says Dignitas. They stopped a suicide

Swiss canton to get first assisted suicide law

Swiss canton to vote on assisted suicide on June 17

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