Euthanasia cases leap in Dutch clinic

Xavier Symons | 14 February 2015 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands
A Dutch euthanasia clinic cautioned by authorities has experienced a massive leap in patients requesting euthanasia.

Dutch euthanasia clinic has knuckles rapped over tinnitus death

Michael Cook | 24 January 2015 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands
Third time in a year for the Levenseindekliniek in The Hague.

Dutch doctors want to harvest organs of euthanased patients

Michael Cook | 29 November 2014 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands, organ donation
The number of organs available for transplant in the Netherlands could double.

15% rise in Dutch euthanasia deaths

Michael Cook | 11 October 2014 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands
Euthanasia now represents over 3% of all Dutch deaths.

Is fear of nursing homes a reason for Dutch euthanasia?

Michael Cook | 30 August 2014 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, levenseindekliniek, Netherlands
A Dutch euthanasia clinic is being investigated for helping an elderly woman to die because she did not want to live in a nursing home.

Some Dutch pharmacists refusing to supply euthanasia drugs

Michael Cook | 27 April 2014 | Comments
tags: conscientious objection, euthanasia, Netherlands
Although euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, some Dutch pharmacists are refusing to supply the lethal drugs needed to carry it out.

Netherlands’ first assisted suicide for disability

Xavier Symons | 12 October 2013 | Comments
tags: disability, euthanasia, Netherlands
A 70-year-old blind woman has become the first person in the Netherlands to be granted assisted suicide on the grounds of disability.

Euthanasia rates in the Netherlands rise 13 percent in one year

Xavier Symons | 26 September 2013 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands
New data from regional euthanasia regulatory committees indicate that euthanasia rates in the Netherlands rose 13% in the last year (to 4188).

Dutch prince dies after 18 months in coma

Michael Cook | 17 August 2013 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands, Prince Friso
Eighteen months after a skiing accident put him in a state of minimal consciousness, Prince Friso, of the Netherlands, has died at 44.

Put disabled babies out of our misery, say Dutch doctors

Michael Cook | 14 June 2013 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, neonatal euthanasia, Netherlands
Distress felt by parents of a dying newborn can justify the child’s euthanasia, says Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG), which represents doctors in the Netherlands.

Are Dutch doctors losing their nerve over euthanasia?

Michael Cook | 01 June 2013 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands
Politicians in the Netherlands are pushing the organisation which represents Dutch doctors to overcome its misgivings over euthanasia for patients with dementia.

Dutch government studying possibility of three or more parents

Michael Cook | 22 February 2013 | Comments
tags: multiple parenting, Netherlands
The Dutch justice ministry is investigating the possibility of allowing children to grow up with three or more legal parents.

Massive fraud by Dutch psychologist shows weak side of scientific method

Michael Cook | 15 December 2012 | Comments
tags: Netherlands, research fraud, social priming, social psychology
The credibility of the field of social psychology is at risk, a Dutch panel has found after reviewing massive misconduct by a researcher

Report on Dutch euthanasia for 2011 released

Michael Cook | 07 December 2012 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands
The most comprehensive information on Dutch euthanasia in 2011 available in English.

Dutch uni to investigate study of organ trafficking

Michael Cook | 01 December 2012 | Comments
tags: Netherlands, organ trafficking
Dutch university to study growing problem

Big rise in Dutch euthanasia deaths

Michael Cook | 26 September 2012 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands
Just-released statistics for Dutch euthanasia in 2011 show that the number of psychiatric patients who died has skyrocketed from 2 in 2010 to 13 last year. Euthanasia for people with dementia also rose substantially, to 49.

Dutch debate euthanasia of their prince

Michael Cook | 01 September 2012 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands

Doubts emerge about Dutch guidelines for terminal sedation

Michael Cook | 20 July 2012 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands, palliative sedation, terminal sedation
Should deep, continuous sedation at the end of life really be treated as normal medical practice in the Netherlands, ask three Dutch authors in the Journal of Medical Ethics. Although they do not appear to oppose euthanasia, they argue that “morally problematic aspects inherent to palliative sedation do not get the attention they deserve” under current guidelines.

Dutch euthanasia figures present muddled picture

Michael Cook | 14 July 2012 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands, terminal sedation
Euthanasia in the Netherlands is nothing much to worry about, according to The Lancet. The latest survey shows that the overall levels of euthanasia and assisted suicide are about the same now as they were in 2002, when euthanasia was legalised. A small increase since 2005 is just due to the fact that more people are requesting euthanasia. At least that was the spin in The Lancet's press release.

Father-to-son sperm donation

Jared Yee | 31 March 2012 | Comments
tags: Netherlands, sperm donation
A married couple in the Netherlands tried over and over to conceive, but in their early 30s they discovered that the husband produced no sperm.

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