Julian Savulescu

Somerville vs Savulescu on gene editing

Interview: Julian Savulescu, editor of JME

Germline tinkering sparks more controversy

The Pessimist: Editor of leading bioethics journal mourns “failure” of bioethics

Where are the true utilitarians who have not bent the knee to Baal?

Enhancing the chemistry of love

Moral bioehancement debate intensifies

Savulescu - We have a moral obligation to increase the intelligence of our children

Savulescu warns that “love-diminishing” drugs could be used for gay “conversion therapy”

“We have a moral imperative to research moral enhancement”: Savulescu

Savulescu proposes alternative to euthanasia

Will Armstrong’s confession change cycling?

Savulescu and Harris debate enhancing morality

Are drugs or democracy our bulwark against the apocalypse?

I’m not the Nazi; you’re the Nazi

A Nobel Prize for ethics?

Is it immoral not to design your baby?

Savulescu defends Olympic doping

The latest goss on infanticide

Synthetic biology could lead to disaster, says Oxford bioethicist

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