Sociologist opposes ban on Indian commercial surrogacy

India restricts access to surrogate mothers

Nepalese surrogacy unearthed

Woman at centre of Indian euthanasia debate dies

Israel evacuates babies of surrogate mothers from devastated Nepal

Outsourcing embryos in India

Is this guru dead or meditating?

Distinguished doctor arrested over Indian sterilisation tragedy

Over-50s are major clients of Indian IVF

A disturbing study of gendercide in India

The industrial revolution in surrogacy

India profits as Afghan health crisis continues

Simultaneous surrogates: India’s new trend

FIGHTING EXPLOITATION 1: New industry guidelines for Indian surrogates

FIGHTING EXPLOITATION 2: Indian clinical trial consents to be videotaped

Survey of Indian surrogacy reveals shocking abuses

Convicted paedophile gets child from surrogate mother in India

Indian women victimized in sterilization camps

Are US media finally discovering the exploitation in India surrogacy?

Suicide the leading cause of death for young Indian women

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