No longer anonymous in Germany

Michael Cook | 31 January 2015 | Comments
tags: Germany, sperm donation
The German Supreme Court has ruled that children of any age may request the identity of their biological father.

Near enough is not good enough

Michael Cook | 17 January 2015 | Comments
tags: determination of death, Germany, organ donation
Doctors in a hospital in Bremen had already made an incision when they discovered that a deceased donor was still alive

German nurse may have killed 178 patients

Michael Cook | 10 January 2015 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Germany, mercy killing
A German male nurse has admitted to a psychiatrist that he gave lethal injections to show off his “excellent” resuscitation skills.

Berlin opens memorial to euthanasia victims

Michael Cook | 05 September 2014 | Comments
tags: euthanasia, Germany, Nazi doctors
It is striking piece of modern architecture: a 30-metre-long wall of blue glass in the open air near the Berlin Philharmonic.

Germany: another stem cell controversy tarnishes the field

Michael Cook | 01 March 2014 | Comments
tags: Germany, research misconduct, stem cells
Doubt cast on daring claims by cardiologist

Doctors in court: medical error in Germany

Xavier Symons | 03 August 2013 | Comments
tags: Germany, medical error
The German medical community is in uproar over the controversial manslaughter conviction of a junior doctor in Biebefield

German minister for education and research loses job in plagiarism scandal

Michael Cook | 15 February 2013 | Comments
tags: Germany, plagiarism
To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, losing one minister because he plagiarised his PhD thesis is a misforture; losing two looks like carelessness. But this is what has happened to Germany’ys Chancellor, Angela Merkel. This week she accepted the resignation of her minister for education and research, Annette Schavan, after the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf stripped her of a doctorate which she earned 30 years ago.

German sperm donor children gain right to know fathers

Michael Cook | 15 February 2013 | Comments
tags: Germany, sperm donation

German cleric apologises over rape victim mistreatment

Xavier Symons | 30 January 2013 | Comments
tags: Catholic Church, conscientious objection, Germany
A prominent German cleric has apologized after a possible rape victim was refused treatment at two Catholic hospitals. In a statement issued last week, Cardinal Joachim Miesner expressed his “deep shame” at the hospitals’ failure to provide the 25 year old German woman with an appropriate gynaecological examination. “[I am] deeply ashamed by this incident because it goes against our Christian mission” the cardinal said.

German doctors shaken by corruption allegations

Michael Cook | 19 January 2013 | Comments
tags: corruption, Germany, transplant surgery
The German Medical Association has investigated nearly 1,000 cases of corrupt doctors over the past few years, according to its president, Frank Ulrich Montgomery.

Germany moves towards a compromise on circumcision

Michael Cook | 24 August 2012 | Comments
tags: circumcision, Germany, informed consent
A row over circumcision in Germany has escalated after a formal complaint was lodged against a rabbi in the city of Hof.

German government wrangling over assisted suicide

Michael Cook | 11 August 2012 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Germany
A close friend should be allowed to help someone commit suicide, says the German Justice Minister, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger.

German doctor falsified documents in “transplant corruption” scandal

Michael Cook | 28 July 2012 | Comments
tags: corruption, Germany, transplant surgery
Shortly after a new law encouraging organ donation came into effect, the Süddeutsche Zeitung newpaper in Munich revealed that one of the country’s leading surgeons had been accused of systematically falsifying documentation to bump his patients up the waiting list.

Circumcision ban in Germany faces criticism

Jared Yee | 30 June 2012 | Comments
tags: circumcision, Germany
A state court decision in Cologne criminalising circumcision has sparked protest among Muslims and Jews for whom it is a religious duty.

Germany uneasy about teen cosmetic surgery

Michael Cook | 12 May 2012 | Comments
tags: cosmetic surgery, Germany
The German government is drafting legislation to ban cosmetic surgery for teenagers except for medical reasons. At the moment, there is no minimum age. As a result, patients under 20 account for about 10% of all cosmetic procedures, according to the Association of German Plastic Surgeons.

German football legend dies by assisted suicide

Jared Yee | 17 March 2012 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Germany, sports, suicide
Timo Konietzka, former Germany international and the first footballer to score a goal in the country’s Bundesliga competition, died on Monday by assisted suicide, his wife reported to German media.

German ethicists can’t agree on humanized animals

Michael Cook | 01 October 2011 | Comments
tags: chimeras, cybrids, Germany
The German Ethics Council (Deutscher Ethikrat) has recommended that researchers be allowed to insert human genes into mice in a major report on human-animal mixtures.

Germany legalises pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

Michael Cook | 09 July 2011 | Comments
tags: Germany, PGD
The German parliament has legalised pre-implantation genetic diagnosis after a long debate over three competing proposals. The bill was passed on a conscience vote. PGD involves testing a cell from an early-stage embryo for genetic defects. If the embryo is unsuitable, it is destroyed.

German docs keep ban on assisted suicide

Michael Cook | 02 July 2011 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Germany
After a heated debate German doctors have voted to maintain a ban on doctors assisting patients who wish to commit suicide. The vote was convincing: 166 against 56, with 7 abstentions. The president of the Federal Medical Council, Joerg-Dietrich Hoppe, declared: "Physicians must assist the dying, while respecting their dignity and respecting their intentions. But they are forbidden to kill patients at their request. You must not assist a suicide. "

Europe’s biggest stem cell clinic shut down after baby’s death

Jared Yee | 14 May 2011 | Comments
tags: Germany, stem cells
In a case which is a veritable cocktail of bioethical issues, Europe’s biggest stem cell clinic has been shut down.

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