Peter Singer ‘disinvited’ from German philosophy festival

German parliament to debate assisted suicide

65-year-old German grandmother gives birth to quadruplets

German IVF mum to give birth to quadruplets

No longer anonymous in Germany

Near enough is not good enough

German nurse may have killed 178 patients

Berlin opens memorial to euthanasia victims

Germany: another stem cell controversy tarnishes the field

Doctors in court: medical error in Germany

German minister for education and research loses job in plagiarism scandal

German sperm donor children gain right to know fathers

German cleric apologises over rape victim mistreatment

German doctors shaken by corruption allegations

Germany moves towards a compromise on circumcision

German government wrangling over assisted suicide

German doctor falsified documents in “transplant corruption” scandal

Circumcision ban in Germany faces criticism

Germany uneasy about teen cosmetic surgery

German football legend dies by assisted suicide

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