Down Syndrome

Bioethics on US campaign trail

New Down syndrome test could be more “efficient”

Canadian bioethicist questions value of Down syndrome detection

Dawkins disses Down syndrome babies

Oldest Down syndrome skeleton found in France

Investigation finds half of Down syndrome abortions missing from register

UK doctors trial Down syndrome blood-test

Gene silencing technique offers hope for cure for Down syndrome

UK commission calls for action on abortion of disabled

Down syndrome therapy now possible, says US researcher

First drug to help Down syndrome people now being tested

UK Down syndrome woman protected from sterilization

Will International Criminal Court hear complaint about Down Syndrome eugenics?

Should eugenics become a “fundamental human right”?

Oregon: “wrongful birth” of Down syndrome child

Non-invasive Down syndrome test available next week

Life with Down syndrome overwhelmingly happy, says US study

A race against time for Down syndrome research

High doses of IVF drugs could cause Down Syndrome

Down’s Syndrome test breakthrough looming

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