Down Syndrome

New Down syndrome test could be more “efficient”

Xavier Symons | 13 June 2015 | Comments
tags: abortion, disability, Down syndrome, pregnancy
UK researchers are hailing the development of a ‘safer’ and more ‘cost-effective’ pregnancy-screening test.

Canadian bioethicist questions value of Down syndrome detection

Michael Cook | 23 May 2015 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome, genetic testing
Questions about “a ‘corporate arms race’ to develop prenatal tests for Down syndrome

Dawkins disses Down syndrome babies

Michael Cook | 22 August 2014 | Comments
tags: abortion, Down syndrome, Peter Singer, Richard Dawkins
Dawkins is in hot water again after asserting on Twitter that it is “immoral” to allow Down Syndrome babies to be born.

Oldest Down syndrome skeleton found in France

Michael Cook | 12 July 2014 | Comments
tags: archaelogy, Down syndrome
Not stigmatised by community, say researchers.

UK doctors trial Down syndrome blood-test

Xavier Symons | 09 November 2013 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome, genetic screening
A more accurate test for Down syndrome is being trialled in at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) in London, much to the enthusiasm of fertility specialists.

Gene silencing technique offers hope for cure for Down syndrome

Michael Cook | 02 November 2013 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome, genetics
Is it possible to “cure” Down syndrome? Jeanne Lawrence, of the University Massachusetts Medical School, believes that it could happen some day.

UK commission calls for action on abortion of disabled

Xavier Symons | 27 July 2013 | Comments
tags: abortion, disability, Down syndrome
A parliamentary commission into abortion based on disability has called for radical changes to the UK abortion law.

Down syndrome therapy now possible, says US researcher

Michael Cook | 21 July 2013 | Comments
tags: disability, Down syndrome, gene therapy
A chromosome therapy for Down syndrome may be possible, according to ground-breaking research published in Nature.

First drug to help Down syndrome people now being tested

Michael Cook | 20 April 2013 | Comments
tags: clinical trials, Down syndrome
The first drug to help people with Down syndrome overcome cognitive deficits is being tested on humans.

UK Down syndrome woman protected from sterilization

Xavier Symons | 22 February 2013 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome, sterilization, UK
There is a growing push for greater rights for Down syndrome people – in particular that they be fully protected from forced sterilisation. A landmark ruling by a UK court may have brought this goal one step closer.

Will International Criminal Court hear complaint about Down Syndrome eugenics?

Michael Cook | 07 July 2012 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome, genetic screening, New Zealand
A New Zealand pro-life group has resorted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to get justice for Down Syndrome children. And, improbable as it seems, it is having some success.

Should eugenics become a “fundamental human right”?

Michael Cook | 05 May 2012 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome, Latvia
Should termination of Down syndrome foetuses be regarded as a fundamental human right? This is an issue which the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is currently pondering in the case of Krūzmane vs. Latvia.

Oregon: “wrongful birth” of Down syndrome child

Michael Cook | 16 March 2012 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome, wrongful birth
An Oregon jury awarded nearly US$3 million to a couple whose daughter was born with Down syndrome after doctors had reassured them that the baby would be normal.

Non-invasive Down syndrome test available next week

Michael Cook | 22 October 2011 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome, genetic screening
A new non-invasive test for Down syndrome will be offered in 20 cities from Monday. According to an article in the journal Genetics in Medicine, it picks up 98.6% of DS children and has a false positive rate of only 0.2%. This is a vast improvement on existing screening tests, whose false positive rate can be as high as 5%.

Life with Down syndrome overwhelmingly happy, says US study

Michael Cook | 01 October 2011 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome, prenatal testing
The latest research on life with Down syndrome paints a very positive picture. In a major feature in the American Journal of Medical Genetics, Dr Brian Skotko, of Children’s Hospital Boston, and colleagues report that “The overwhelming majority of parents surveyed report that they are happy with their decision to have their child with DS and indicate that their sons and daughters are great sources of love and pride”.

A race against time for Down syndrome research

Michael Cook | 20 August 2011 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome, genetic testing
Is it possible to cure Down syndrome? Alberto Costa, a 48-year-old physician and neuroscientist at University of Colorado-Denver School of Medicine, thinks so. He has started a clinical trial on young adults with Down syndrome to see if the drug memantine helps them become “smarter”. It is the first randomized clinical trial ever to take a drug that worked in mice with Down syndrome and apply it to humans.

High doses of IVF drugs could cause Down Syndrome

Jared Yee | 08 July 2011 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome, fertility, IVF
High doses of drugs used to stimulate the ovaries of older women undergoing fertility treatment may result in failed pregnancies and babies with conditions such as Down’s syndrome.

Down’s Syndrome test breakthrough looming

Jared Yee | 18 March 2011 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome, genetic testing, genetic tests
Test could be available by 2013

Down syndrome screening is genocide, says New Zealand group

Michael Cook | 25 November 2010 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome, genocide, prenatal screening
Threat to sue the government

Positives can outweigh negatives for new parents of Down syndrome children

Michael Cook | 07 August 2010 | Comments
tags: Down syndrome
US researchers find that doctors can be hostile

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