Catholic Church

Defending Catholic views on contraception

Only connect: the Pope’s global bioethics

New Pope. Old song.

Catholic Church exposes forced adoption network

Belgian deacon arrested over 40 deaths in hospital

Patient sues US Catholic Bishop’s Conference

Theology and bioethics 2: Pope Francis

New pope unlikely to change bioethics stand

Colorado hospital apologises over personhood dispute

German cleric apologises over rape victim mistreatment

A surprise bioethics best-seller for 2013?

Vatican stem cell conference: comment

Furore in Netherlands over refusal to conduct euthanasia funeral

Catholic bishops slate assisted suicide

Pope speaks out on post-abortion syndrome, conscience

Pope drops out of organ donor pool

The other side of the Phoenix Catholic abortion case

Nun excommunicated for authorising abortion

Vatican funds adult stem cell research at U Maryland

Pope skeptical about life extension projects

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