First euthanasia case in Quebec

Canadian doctors should not be forced to refer for euthanasia, says association

Hammering out the details in Canada’s new euthanasia regime

Filling out euthanasia death certificates in Quebec

Conscientious objection under fire in Canadian hearing aid case

Ontario doctors squeezed on conscientious objection to assisted suicide

More revelations about past sterilization of Canadian indigenous women

Leading bioethicists back euthanasia for mentally ill

Canadian bioethicist attacks conscientious objection

‘Canadian doctors don’t want to assist in suicide’—new survey

How will conscientious objectors fare in Canada?

Canada’s supreme court strikes down ban on assisted suicide

Ontario doctors preparing for battle over conscience rights

Executed prisoners may be part of cadaver exhibition

“Medicinal marijuana is bad medicine” - CMA president

Government responds to Canadian bioethicists’ complaint

Canadian bioethicists sunk in dejection over government inaction

Canadian court declares patient specimen the “personal property” of a hospital

Quebec legalises euthanasia

Quebec on verge of legalising euthanasia

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