‘Canadian doctors don’t want to assist in suicide’—new survey

Xavier Symons | 07 March 2015 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Canada, euthanasia, palliative care
The majority of Canada’s palliative care specialists don’t want to participate in assisted suicide, according to a new survey.

How will conscientious objectors fare in Canada?

Michael Cook | 13 February 2015 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Canada, conscientious objection
It's shaping up as a major issue among doctors in Canada after last week’s Supreme Court ruling which legalised it.

Canada’s supreme court strikes down ban on assisted suicide

Michael Cook | 07 February 2015 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Canada
Prohibiting assisted suicide is unconstitutional and a violation of the country’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Ontario doctors preparing for battle over conscience rights

Michael Cook | 13 December 2014 | Comments
tags: Canada, conscience, conscientious objection
A draft policy of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario demands that physicians must provide services to prevent imminent “harm, suffering and/or deterioration,” even if doing so is contrary to their moral beliefs.

Executed prisoners may be part of cadaver exhibition

Xavier Symons | 12 September 2014 | Comments
tags: Canada, China, human dignity, plastination
A human rights group is calling on Canadian authorities to investigate the possible use of executed Chinese prisoners in an exhibition of ‘plastinated’ corpses.

“Medicinal marijuana is bad medicine” - CMA president

Xavier Symons | 30 August 2014 | Comments
tags: Canada, clinical trials, drugs, marijuana
The debate surrounding Canada’s marijuana laws has intensified, with Canadian Medical Association (CMA) president labeling medicinal marijuana “bad medicine”.

Government responds to Canadian bioethicists’ complaint

Michael Cook | 12 July 2014 | Comments
tags: bioethics, bioethics credentials, Canada, credentialism
The CIRH puts its point of view.

Canadian bioethicists sunk in dejection over government inaction

Michael Cook | 05 July 2014 | Comments
tags: bioethics, bioethics credentials, Canada
The bioethics community in Canada is enraged at the Harper Government’s refusal to appoint a strong and formally credentialed leader.

Canadian court declares patient specimen the “personal property” of a hospital

Xavier Symons | 14 June 2014 | Comments
tags: biolaw, Canada, property rights
A Canadian court has ruled that a medical specimen taken from a patient in a pathology clinic is the ‘personal property’ of a hospital. The case is the first of its kind in Canada and will have significant bearing on future decisions.

Quebec legalises euthanasia

Michael Cook | 06 June 2014 | Comments
tags: Canada, euthanasia, Quebec
Quebec has become the first Canadian province to legalise euthanasia. Bill 52 easily passed in the National Assembly by a vote of 94 to 22.

Quebec on verge of legalising euthanasia

Michael Cook | 31 May 2014 | Comments
tags: Canada, euthanasia, Quebec
The governing Liberal Party and the other three major parties have taken the unusual step of backing a quick vote on the bill in the new parliamentary term.

Canadian media features plea for “completed life” euthanasia

Michael Cook | 10 May 2014 | Comments
tags: Canada, completed life, euthanasia, rational suicide
At 80, a former gay activist in Canada wants to choose "rational suicide"

Euthanasia off the boil in Quebec

Michael Cook | 11 April 2014 | Comments
tags: Canada, euthanasia, Quebec
After the April 7 election, there may be less appetite for the controversial policy.

Is there too much conscientious objection in Canada?

Michael Cook | 21 December 2013 | Comments
tags: Canada, conscientious objection
The January issue of the journal Bioethics deals with conscientious objection, with an emphasis on the situation in Canada.

Assisted suicide could be decided in Canada’s Supreme Court

Michael Cook | 13 October 2013 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Canada
The hot-button issue of assisted suicide will probably end up in Canada’s Supreme Court.

Canadian doctors could shift on euthanasia

Xavier Symons | 31 August 2013 | Comments
tags: Canada, euthanasia
The Canadian Medical Association may soon change its position on euthanasia.

New evidence of unethical research on Canadian Indians

Xavier Symons | 27 July 2013 | Comments
tags: Canada, research ethics
A controversial report in the journal Social History gives details of grossly unethical ‘nutritional research’ carried out on native Indian children in the 1940s and 50s in Canada.

Euthanasia prevention akin to torture, Canadian court hears

Xavier Symons | 22 March 2013 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Canada, euthanasia
In the most controversial Canadian bioethics case in years, a British Columbia court has heard that outlawing euthanasia is akin to torture.

Canadian doctors divided over euthanasia

Xavier Symons | 13 February 2013 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Canada, euthanasia
In many Western nations most people support the legalization of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, according to opinion polls. But doctors - who must be involved - may feel differently.

Canadian assisted suicide activist dies of natural causes

Michael Cook | 11 October 2012 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Canada
The woman at the centre of Canada’s move towards assisted suicide died of natural causes last week before taking advantage of an exemption from the law granted by a judge in British Columbia.

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