October Archive

08 October 2015 | Link
tags: gene editing, genetical engineering, United Nations
Process raises serious concerns, especially if changes can be inherited.

03 October 2015 | Link
tags: Australia, bullying, sexual harassment
What would Edmund Pellegrino think?

03 October 2015 | Link
tags: Canada, conscientious objection
Hindu lecturer declines to wear FM transmitter.

03 October 2015 | Link
tags: designer babies, IVF, single motherhood
A single mother is recruiting mothers for her 25 frozen embryos.

03 October 2015 | Link
tags: gender dysphoria, new frontiers, sex reassignment, UK
Another dispatch from the Wild West of assisted reproductive technology.

03 October 2015 | Link
tags: euthanasia, Mexico
After apologising she has gone back to the drawing board

03 October 2015 | Link
tags: breast milk, commodification
Demand for human breast milk is increasing “exponentially”. What are the ethics of creating a market for it?

02 October 2015 | Link
tags: space exploration
Ridley Scott's latest film raises some interesting questions.

September Archive

30 September 2015 | Link
tags: gene sequencing, genetics, intelligence
Will the have a chilling effect on programs to improve educational outcomes among disadvantaged populations?

26 September 2015 | Link
tags: child euthanasia, euthanasia, Netherlands
Patient subsequently hanged herself.

26 September 2015 | Link
tags: CRISPR, embryo research, UK
Just months after CRISPR was used to modify embryos in China, a British scientists wants to forge ahead.

26 September 2015 | Link
tags: reproducibility
Isn't that the way science works?

26 September 2015 | Link
tags: Australia, sex selection
Scores of couples take advantage of liberal legislation.

26 September 2015 | Link
tags: bias, politicization of science, social psychology
Several leading politically progressive social psychologists want more conservatives in their field

26 September 2015 | Link
tags: transhumanism
“They think we’re fantasists when in fact we’re talking about a future just over the horizon.”

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