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22 May 2016 | Link
tags: transhumanism
Is the movement becoming mainstream?

22 May 2016 | Link
tags: bioethics discourse, public opinion, public policy
Learning from experience of UK in brushing aside controversy

Xavier Symons | 22 May 2016 | Link
tags: chimeras, embryo experimentation, embryo research, law, UK, US
A group of scientists in the US are continuing to conduct research on human-animal hybrid embryos, despite a moratorium on funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Xavier Symons | 22 May 2016 | Link
tags: artificial intelligence, privacy, technology, US
A US computational scientist has suggested the next US president should create a ‘technoethics commission’.

22 May 2016 | Link
tags: head transplants, neuroscience, organ transplants
Head transplants may not work as planned

22 May 2016 | Link
tags: genetic engineering, human genome, human genome project
Could lead to genetically-engineered humans

Xavier Symons | 21 May 2016 | Link
tags: gun control, politics, public health, suicide, US
A US doctor has voiced grave concern about government inaction on increasing suicide rates in the country.

Xavier Symons | 21 May 2016 | Link
tags: aged care, end-of-life, existential suffering, religion
Researchers have called for greater attention to be paid to "spiritual care" in the treatment of elderly patients.

Xavier Symons | 18 May 2016 | Link
tags: clinical ethics, doctor-patient relationship, patient care, trust, vulnerability
There has been growing interest among ethicists in the theme of vulnerability. I recently spoke about the topic with bioethicist Steve Matthews.

14 May 2016 | Link
tags: informed consent, internet, privacy, research ethics
Danish researchers post information on 70,000 people

Xavier Symons | 14 May 2016 | Link
tags: 14 day rule, CRISPR, stem cell research
The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) has released updated guidelines for stem cell research

Xavier Symons | 14 May 2016 | Link
tags: India, IVF, law
A woman in India thought to be in her 70s has given birth to a baby boy

Xavier Symons | 14 May 2016 | Link
tags: cosmetic surgery, human enhancement, India
Limb surgery is becoming an increasingly common procedure among middle-class Indians.

14 May 2016 | Link
tags: fear-based campaigns, HIV, obesity, public health, smoking, stigmatization
Bioethicists claim that fear-based public health campaigns are effective and not necessarily stigmatising

14 May 2016 | Link
tags: capital punishment
But will it continue to supply them for euthanasia?

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